Four year ago, I heard about Asha Pandy , a young Hindu woman who while getting her Masters degree in Education she started taking street children onto her parents roof and teaching them how to read.  There are now 400 students attending her school, which is completely dependent on private benefactors.  At Little Star School the children learn more than how to read and write, they also learn English, computer skills, study the arts, have access to vocational programs, and are taught more important life lessons like the importance of good hygiene, discipline, self respect, and love.

    I emailed Asha and offered to come and volunteer at Little Stars School.  Via the Internet we became fast friends, and 6 months later I arrived in Varanasi.  Over the years that friendship has deepened as well as my commitment to help her and to be closely connected with the children.  For the past three years I have been living and volunteering at the school for three months out of the year.  With financial help from my American friends, I was able to begin a health and nutrition program for the children.  In light of all the work I do for them I have always felt that my only real value is being an emotional support for Asha and a loving presence for the children. Included on this page are photos from the day school as well as  photographs from the programs the children put on the spiritual holidays.

- Catherine Jansen

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